LAV 6.0

LAV 6.0 Brochure

The LAV 6.0 is the designation given by the Canadian Army to its enhanced LAV III platform, upgraded specifically to respond to requirements emerging from a decade of in-theatre experience fighting in Afghanistan.

LAV 6.0 is equipped with upgraded next-generation 6.0 suspension and a power pack delivering 450 hp, enhanced protection provided by blast-deflecting double-V hull and energy-attenuating seating, improved ingress and egress, a fully digital electronic architecture with increased electrical generation and situational awareness, and improved turret human factors and upgraded sighting systems.

The LAV 6.0 saw its first operational deployment internationally in 2017 when it accompanied Canadian Soldiers deployed in Latvia in support of Operation REASSURANCE.

In 2016 General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada furthered the LAV 6.0 family’s modularity by introducing the LAV 6.0 Combat Support Vehicle (LAV 6.0 CSV). The LAV 6.0 CSV combines additional mission flexibility with the commonality and protection of the LAV 6.0 baseline. Equipped with remote weapon systems for self-defence, the LAV 6.0 CSV variants, available so far, include Command Post, and Ambulance and Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle.