GDLS Canada


Designed with an unprecedented payload of up to six tonnes and a capacity of 13 cubic meters, the BRONCO All Terrain Tracked Carrier has been built to meet the deployment needs of the battlefield. The BRONCO’s very low ground pressure enables it to traverse a wide range of terrain (snow, swamp, muskeg, sand and rocky terrain) thus vastly expanding the types of operations it can undertake. With its high payload, the BRONCO can be fitted with increased armour for protection against mine and IED threats, increasing its survivability in hostile environments. With many variants and high mobility, the BRONCO is quickly adaptable to excel in a wide spectrum of operations – from Special Operations Forces missions to humanitarian relief operations. The BRONCO is already in service in Afghanistan (with the British Army as the Warthog) the Singapore armed forces (in various configurations) and has also been sold to Thailand.